Couple of nights with the Cancer Ward

One of the most dreaded disease in today’s world – cancer. It is becoming so common that every one of us know at least one person who is fighting this weird body malfunction. We have seen people suffering from it, heard of the pain, but fortunately, a lot of us haven’t experienced it. Luckily, I never had any close relatives suffering from cancer and a couple of relatives who were diagnosed with it were fortunate enough to depart before the pain ate up their souls. So cancer was not something on which I had a good idea – until sometime back.

Few years back I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, which shall cause no harm provided I take my medicines regularly and remain stress free. The 13 year old me couldn’t happily accept the fact that I’ll have to be dependent on medicines for the rest of her life, and was pretty sad then. I mostly took my medicines hiding it from others, and if at all somebody found out my stock of medicines, I would tell some excuse to hide that I take medicines regularly. I did not know what other’s would think if I revealed it. My parents wouldn’t send me to any of my friends’ houses easily, convincing to go to faraway places even if for my education became a tough task and some similar restrictions my parents put on me because of their love for me. I really did wish at times if I could be free like everybody else, and I was put into this scene.

2015 was a year full of stress for me – I had some personal problems which caused me a mild depression and I was supposed to prepare for AIPMT – the stress took a toll on me. I neglected my health so much and I had to pay for it during the initial months of 2016.

I had to be taken to Ernakulam Lakeshore hospital – which happens to be one of the most famous hospital for Cancer treatment and the place where the famous oncologist Dr. VP Gangadharan consults his patients. The hospital is famous for him and most of the patients who get admitted there were cancer patients – and I had to be admitted there. There was only one vacant room and that was in Gangadharan doctor’s ward. So I was admitted there in a room amidst the cancer patients and the nurses who were routinely seeing immense pain and death very often. I was exhausted physically, but had some mental strength as I was pretty sure that this phase will get over and everything will be back to normal, and I kept smiling. I don’t know if it was my positive attitude and the only face that kept smiling or something else nurses who would come to check on my health would stay for a long time and share a lot of their experiences – the experiences which would always stay in my heart – and made me realize that I must be content with everything that I am.

I learned that it is not necessary to hide anything I do. Now I freely talk about my disease – most people take it very easily as I talk about it with ease – simply because I know that sane people can see me doing everything else like any other healthy person, I have very few restrictions which usually do not affect my everyday activities, and I had no reason to lie. But despite all these, I was sad at times.

I met a few cancer patients and their relatives – people who were finding it difficult to walk, relatives who almost forgot to smile and the experience of nurses who were almost immune to the sorrow of death of a patient anytime. There were a lot of people who were saved, but the struggle they go through, whether the get out of it dead or alive, is something that deserves a salute. I’m not explaining everything that I heard afraid if my writing skills would belittle or de-emphasize the lives of people in cancer wards – the patients, their relatives and the nurses. I might not be able to convey the real essence, I’m afraid. But one suggestion – if at some moment in your life you feel that you’re losing something, that your life is not worth living or if you feel arrogant – visit a cancer ward. It will teach you everything that’s necessary.

Are we really free?

There is a big difference in asking “Are we free?” and “Are we really free?” Our unconscious mind determines our actions and decisions more than we realize and at times causes of our personal and professional choices. It can happen that most of our decisions are not our free choices but obedience to past conditioning or social pressure.

What is freedom anyway? Is it doing whatever one wants? In other words, any restriction or rule is seen as anti-freedom. But suppose there is a person who is not insane but quite convinced that he must make the human sacrifice to please God.Would you allow this person “to do what he want  ”the answer will be certainly “no”.

For famous Philosopher Jean Paul Sartre human freedom is something which is absolute.Human being should never surrender even the slightest shred of personal autonomy to any norm or rule, however, noble or spiritual it may sound.

According to Victor Frankl man’s last and greatest freedom, that freedom which nobody can take away from him was “the freedom to make meaning”. A person can be unjustly imprisoned, deprived of freedom of speech and basic fundamental rights but still, he/she is free to make whatever meaning they can make out of their condition.

To understand freedom in a more positive sense  , freedom is nothing but mastery over one’s actions.Its gaining self-autonomy, I am free if I have control over my emotions, harmful urges, and ignorant drives.Mastery over self can only bring permanent peace and joy to human life.

Set up Your iPhone for Internet Marketing

Technology has made remarkably quick developments over the past few years. The growth in the field of technology has started to influence almost all areas of our life. Business, education, medicine, arts, etc are some of the main fields that are greatly influenced by the advancement of technology. Growth in technology paved way to the advent of mobile phones. Mobile phones are one of the best, useful, effective and helpful developments that took place in our world. The field of mobile technology has witnessed many changes and is evolving every now and then in order to meet the needs or demands of users across the world.

With the growth of technology, traditional forms of businesses are being replaced by the modern forms of businesses. Today, people have started to do their business online thanks to the advent of internet. More and more people are going online to sell their products and services because it offers a lot of opportunities for small, medium and large businesses to flourish in their ventures. Marketing is very important for the online businesses to become successful online and there are many marketing methods available to business people to adopt in order to take their business, service, brand and products to potential clients around the world.

Internet Marketing

The overall nature of marketing has changed these days with introduction of internet. People have started to promote their business through internet by knowing the fact that they are able to obtain and retain more clients via internet. Internet marketing has turned out to be a modern effective promotion technique amid business people. With then internet marketing tactics, people can reach to various people, get the attention of targeted audience, drive more traffic to their business website and improve their overall sales. Hence, you don’t ignore the importance of internet marketing when it comes to improving sales, profits and customer engagement.

iPhone for Internet Marketing

In the modern age, you can come across plenty of mobile phones in the market. You can choose a phone as per your budget and purpose of its usage. Expensive iPhone and smartphones are available these days and these phones can help you to perform a lot of things other than its primary intentions of making call and sending messages to your loved ones. Today, people are using mobile phones for business purposes and they are able to control their business with the help of mobile phones. With the arrival of really cheap and expedient smartphones and tablets, people of all walks of life can do their businesses from anywhere they are or from everywhere they go.

You are not able to become successful in your internet marketing if you devalue the importance of mobile phones. IPhone plays a huge role in internet marketing and here are some of the important points that let you to understand how iPhone influences Internet Marketing:

Mobile Apps

IPhone can influence your small, medium and large business with its mobile apps. The current marketer can gather huge gains from the many mobile apps available in the industry. Mobile apps can let business people to reach to more clients and also to draw the attention of your targeted audience. From uploading blog posts to tracking marketing campaign results, mobile apps let marketers to access information rapidly and easily. Best Analytics Apps, Project File Sharing Apps, Digital Marketing Reference Apps, Apps for Keeping up with Digital Developments, the Official LinkedIn App, Blogging Apps, the Official Facebook App, RSS News Reader, Social Media Management Apps, etc can make your internet marking effective via IPhone.

Manage Social Network Activity

One of the most notable benefits of iPhone is that it lets you to manage your company’s social network activity easily and effectively through IPhone. In the present day, the best parts of people spend much of their time in different social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. It is always a good idea to be active in social media sites so that you will be able to catch the attention of many people and lead them to buy your services, products or brands.

Engage With Clients Easily                                 

The success of internet marketing depends on how effectively you engage with your clients. With the use of IPhone, you can engage with your clients very easily and smartly. You can give reply to you clients soon and can also provide them new offers, new products, discount offers, etc the clients at once. You can connect with your clients wherever you are and even if you are traveling to somewhere.

Other Benefits

When IPhone is used in internet marketing, you can get more and more mobile device users. When done correctly, mobile marketing offers current clients, targeted audience or potential customers using smartphones with personalized, up to date and sensitive information in order that they can get what they require precisely when they want it. IPhone allows you to reach people around the world by means of a variety of mobile advertising options.


Author Bio
I am Nicholas Byrd. I love writing and I have been writing different articles and essays for the past many years now.  I have years of experience in writing academic as well as non-academic essays. Writing helps me to improve my knowledge, skills and understanding about the world around me. I also focus on writing articles for different blog seen online when I get free time.

Entrepreneurs: Before & After

Little events, ordinary things smashed and reconstituted. Imbued with new meaning. Suddenly they become the bleached bones of a story, wrote Arundathi Roy. Some unreasonable men, as George Bernard Shaw would call them, fuelled by ambition and wielding the hammer of creativity forge meaning from the myriad little events and ordinary things. And when delved through the right lenses this new meaning has that familiar tinge of opportunity. These unreasonable men are what we in the new millennium generally christen Entrepreneurs – linchpins in the economy of today. What had once been a road less taken, entrepreneurship has witnessed escalating numbers of rather gallant explorers. En route, they pursue seemingly diaphanous yet omnipresent niches within the market to solve and proliferate from.

Entrepreneurs discover leaks in the iron regimes of incumbent bystander firms and gather insight from the kaleidoscope of global economies. They bridge the lull between innovation and the consumers where organizational inertia may deter sclerotic firms from seceding out of the status quo. Kodak and its missed opportunities in digital photography would suitably serve as infamous citation on forced innovation lag considering the circumstance that digital photography was its prodigal brainchild. Kodak’s decline was a direct consequence of the company’s inexcusable fears in cannibalizing its established films and chemicals based business. Plummeting sales apparently never disenchanted Kodak from staying close to its core business. Subsequently, the market dinosaur went extinct and all that remains is an iguana teetering at the precipice of bankruptcy.

Yesterday’s juggernaut companies like Xerox, Blockbuster and Blackberry have met with similar fates although to varying extents. That aside, the influx of entrepreneurs has colored the once black-and-white economies to include a broad disparate spectrum of neoteric products, services and methods of production in response to increasing demand for product variety. Thus, the most profound impact that the entrepreneur has is the innovative contribution that he or she makes.

Now, the Schumpeter entrepreneurs are heralds of progress who stimulate change in a more dynamic economy. The new entrants with their unique selling propositions creatively destruct the existing business structure and stifle incumbent firms with disruptive competition. The market besides the consumers stands to gain from this rivalry as more viable prices evolve, productivity is fostered and solely the better alternatives (like Richard Branson would say) shall stand the test of time. Intransigent firms who give the consumer a bad deal are dislodged this way.

With enhanced rivalry a shroud of ambiguity soon sails along. On one hand entrepreneurs create fresh job opportunities and this may as well be credited since it redresses unemployment issues to some degree. Evidently entrepreneurship creates jobs in the short and long terms. As people are employed, their levels of income rise and without lag their purchasing capacity. In wake of this, a vacuum for more products is set up which consequently invigorates other sections of the economy and the society. Simply put, the effect is cascading. Meanwhile, market mobility faces turbulence as people migrate from established firms to more recent ones.

Arrivals and departures run side by side; this being said it is no surprise that the debut of entrepreneurial firms may culminate in layoffs in companies which delay judicious response to changes in the market. This would be the scenario in case of a Schumpeter Mark I regime where entrepreneurs are prime movers in the economy. Probability that the preexistent firms also innovate and ride the tide of market change is a significant symptom of potential failure for entrepreneurial firms. This forms the Schumpeter Mark II regime in the economy where established firms continue at the heart of economic advantage. Therefore, the interim phases following entrepreneurship is dominated by potential failures in addition to displaced firms. No doubt exists as to whether the presence of entrepreneurial activity produces jerks in the economy, as in either of the regimes the end result is a more dynamic economy ultimately receptive to innovation. To conclude whether the change is desirable or inhibitive is reasonably complex and liable to change with state policies, GDP and prevailing business climate.

In a creatively bankrupt market, entrepreneurs contribute key value generating additions by transforming pioneering ideas and information into economically viable entities. Fortunately or unfortunately, not everyone has the required drive to become an entrepreneur. They are an extraordinary breed willing to: embrace necessary risks, create new market trajectories, imbibe and acknowledge change, cajole hitherto unnoticed opportunities and finally, inspire industry evolution. They endeavor to render more transparent businesses aimed further at solving problems rather than simply selling answers. Together these entrepreneurs form an ecosystem of innovation that promotes and fosters growth.

Businesses of the past primarily maintained a stomach for reaping and devouring high profits while the entrepreneurs of the present believe in business as a force for good. Although job creation is thought of as one of the best boons of entrepreneurship, it is certainly not the only one. This is apparent from the fact that most entrepreneurial ventures give subtle thought to charitable goals and often devote their time and resources for the sake of philanthropy. These firms sort of excel in bringing together the right resources, investing, managing, marketing and distributing them efficiently; subsequently their advice to nonprofit organizations and public services institutions would be priceless.

Our key examples in this respect shall include early entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and the contemporary pioneer Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates has decided to shift his attention from heading the tech-giant Microsoft to making the world a better place through investments in social innovation and sustainable development. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has committed major earnings to charity besides his ambitions for services like the Elon Musk doing his part has declared public many of Tesla’s patents for the advancement of the automobile industry. All of them are encouraged to such acts of altruistic capitalism because they understand that their own success ultimately depends on nurturing the future generations.

It is fundamental to realize that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs do not merely happen by chance. Hence, entrepreneurs of a nation are to be duly valued, nurtured and furthermore cultivated. Epochs of economic evolution reveals many firms that have failed to bloom. Causes to this may be manifold. However, at the least some of these factors can be controlled by suitable intervention in hopes of complementing entrepreneurship. One such inhibitive cause is the stereotypes concerning failure. To understand this, consider an arbitrary scenario where a newfound company was to encounter failure. It can lead to potential job and financial losses prominently to the protagonist firm and the companies immediately associated. In case the concerned firm used borrowed funds as capital, the lender too incurs losses. Rephrasing, the economic disturbance created permeates through the local economy. Society with its inane tendency to criticize severely condemns the firm for its unforeseen failure. This has adverse implications as prospective entrepreneurs are discouraged from new ventures. So, destigmatizing failure to the extent feasible should be given proper priority to combat such adversities.

Two other prohibitive aspects are overregulation and corruption. Regulatory hurdles such as stipulations on purchase of licenses and permits may deter entrepreneurship due to climbing costs. Moreover, overregulated commerce reduces market flexibility as potential innovators are discouraged from experimentation. Overboard permits and license regulations soon mimic non-competition agreements in the market which for obvious reasons is unfavorable. Complex, opaque and inconsistent legal code further makes it difficult to rightly judge the legal environment for entrepreneurial activity. Swift and comprehensive codification of the pertaining legal code, inclusive of amendments shall be an appropriate course of action to address this. Corruption regarding protection of intellectual property rights is another promenade of concern. This has in truth created a web of uncertainty for the would-be entrepreneurs. A balanced approach must therefore be applied to ensure that quality and ethics is maintained while simultaneously reducing extant impedance to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is expected to be a tremendous force in the future.  When a subject becomes totally obsolete, we make it a required course (Peter Drucker). When change has desiccated from the economy, intransigent firms flourish and redundancy blows hard, the entrepreneurs shall hail forth the silver lines of innovation because like Charles F Kettering said “The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress”. This is the ecstasy of entrepreneurship.

Make your android phone a home CCTV

In some situations, you may think of having a surveillance in your home. But it is not affordable to buy a CCTV for rare uses. You can now turn your android mobile camera as a surveillance camera with monitoring available on your PC.  To do this first you have to install the DroidCam application in your mobile.

Check out DroidCam Mobile App on the Google Playstore

Now you have to download the version of DroidCam for your computer. Both Windows and Linux client applications are available.

Check out DroidCam Windows App on the Dev47Apps

The mobile interface of the DroidCam will look as follows :


Note down the Wifi IP address from the mobile interface and enter the same on the application installed on PC.

Now click on the “Start” button on PC interface of the application.

You can connect the devices using WiFi, Bluetooth, and cable. This camera can be used as a webcam to chat in skype and other video chatting applications over the internet.

Which Web Browser Consumes the Least Quantity of Memory?

The modern generation is living in a world where technology has developed unbelievably. The technological advancements of our time used to have a huge amount of influence in the lives of people around the world. People are using technology in their everyday lives in order to make their personal, professional and public life so effective and enhanced. Today, [people can get any news and information about anything in quick time with the use of internet which is a great example for the modern days terrific technological growth. People are able to get all the information that they need by just browsing online.

The development in the field of technology has presented us with a lot of web browsing options. There are several great browsers available for mobile users and computer users. Most of the web browsers are friendly with computers and mobile devices. Web browsers let both the computer and mobile users to surf the web with ease and get what they are searching for. Although, there are many web browsers, none of them share unique features and they are completely different. Each one of the web browser serves very similar purpose, but some are more apt than others based on what you want it for.

The best and widely used web browsers that can be found online include Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, UC Browser, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Remember that web browsers are the perfect window to online world. As far as people are concerned, the web browser that they use is almost certainly one of the most important programs they have on their computer or mobile devices. People always love to have a web browser that consumes the least quantity of memory and they also look for using a web browser that lets them to browse online quickly. The speed of web browser is very important as it offers users the best possible experience.

Browsers are one of the main apps on our smartphones and computers. Whether you are a usual user or a distant user, you actually require a good web browser on your smartphone and computers. Let’s have a look at some of the web browser that consumes the least quantity of memory:

Mozilla Firefox

Without a doubt, Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used and widely loved browsers amid a lot of people across the world. Many people consider that Mozilla Firefox is the best browser available in the industry now. Mozilla Firefox is said to be the only browser not coming from a business interest. Firefox always focus on embracing new standard, gets updated regularly, and make use friendly. Aesthetics, available extensions, integration with other services, and usability makes Firefox the first choice browser amid people.

Although, Firefox has falls behind Chrome in a few standards, it is fast and makes use of fewer resources, which ensures high-quality performance on any PC. Its hardware acceleration, a fresh JavaScript engine and quicker startup times have made it a best browser in the field. This browser has the lowest consumption and the finest megabyte per second performance. Mozilla Firefox is designed as open source software that can be adapted with a lot of extensions and it offers an elegant and consistent choice.


Chrome is another web browser that is used and preferred by many people. it is a fine choice if you have a potent computer as it has the finest performance and velocity online. Keep in mind that Chrome browser developed into a much loved browser amongst many people across the world mainly owing to its speed, swiftness of installation, quick page loading, startup, and running Web applications.

In the beginning, Chrome challenged and overcame good browsers online like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox in JavaScript standards. The browser has hardware speeding up support not only for Windows, but for Mac OS X and Linux which makes it a first choice browser online.


Opera is a web browser that many of the people use in their daily life for work and entertainment purposes. From its conception, speed was the main trademark of Opera. It also consumes the least quantity of memory but when it is compared to other browsers like Firefox and chrome, it comes down in the ranking.  It was markedly faster than many other browsers and also has been a main innovator in the field.  Opera along with chrome have the framework that conceals a very dominant engine which offers the browser best performance and browsing pace far better to its competitors.

Internet Explorer                                                                                                              

A lot of people have different opinions about the speed and effectiveness of web browsers seen online.  Many people agree that Internet Explorer is a best browser online that consumes only less quantity of memory. Internet Explorer is a widely used web browser and one of the first choice browsers amid every day users. The browser presents better compatibility with a number of websites.

Without a doubt, the greatest browser is capable of running on all your devices and shares bookmarks, logins, existing tabs and other data in order that you can resume with where you left off on any mobile or computer device. Internet Explorer does this and makes users browsing experience excellent every time.


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I am Stephen Nichols, I am convinced that I can produce ready to lend a hand paper for the undergraduate also planned for non-academic purposes. I am operational as a trainee at review of term paper secret language overhaul.  I have composed a not many dozen articles on online organization that were disseminated in various diary and websites along with other critique classification.