Alternative to Gmail

Usually, we access the mail account through and the interface seems to be too bulky as the number of data increases. So here we are introducing another lightweight interface to access the mail. Inbox is an easy to use interface to manage emails in Gmail.

  1. Acess using
  2. Accept the inbox usage
  3. Now you can start using Inbox. The inbox uses bundle concept to keep emails categorised.


You can set to automatically redirect to the inbox when you access Gmail.

How do I switch from Inbox back to Gmail?

If you are temporarily using then you can switch by accessing Gmail. If you have already enabled “Redirect Gmail to“, then you can revert back as follows :

  1. Login into
  2. In the left bottom there is a settings option. Click on that.
  3. From the settings menu choose “other” tab
  4. Untick “Redirect Gmail to” option 



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