Make your android phone a home CCTV

In some situations, you may think of having a surveillance in your home. But it is not affordable to buy a CCTV for rare uses. You can now turn your android mobile camera as a surveillance camera with monitoring available on your PC.  To do this first you have to install the DroidCam application in your mobile.

Check out DroidCam Mobile App on the Google Playstore

Now you have to download the version of DroidCam for your computer. Both Windows and Linux client applications are available.

Check out DroidCam Windows App on the Dev47Apps

The mobile interface of the DroidCam will look as follows :


Note down the Wifi IP address from the mobile interface and enter the same on the application installed on PC.

Now click on the “Start” button on PC interface of the application.

You can connect the devices using WiFi, Bluetooth, and cable. This camera can be used as a webcam to chat in skype and other video chatting applications over the internet.



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