Entrepreneurs: Before & After

Little events, ordinary things smashed and reconstituted. Imbued with new meaning. Suddenly they become the bleached bones of a story, wrote Arundathi Roy. Some unreasonable men, as George Bernard Shaw would call them, fuelled by ambition and wielding the hammer of creativity forge meaning from the myriad little events and ordinary things. And when delved …

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The Name’s book : FACEBOOK !

It is said that the printed book , cheaper and more accessible, started the great shrinkage of the world.This was followed by the first fortnightly (and gradually)daily newspapers which made this “shrinkage” more obvious.The ladder then viewed the arrival of all the other technological catalysts like the radio,followed by the TV, personal computing and then …

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Chak De Girls

It was never an easy route, if they are boarding to Rio after 36 years it’s through a saga of hard work and determination. Indians may know Preeti Sabarwal and Vidya Sharma but they rarely know Rani Rampal and Sushila Chanu , who are the backbone of team India but not the Bollywood portrayers.   Yes, its proud …

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