For the past years, people have always argued why some companies are better at innovation while others are not. It is a fact that the business models of the concerned firms go some way in dictating how much innovation is carried out in the company. However, it all remains in the hands of the relevant people and the company executives to seek what they want and how they want to get it.
For instance, if a company has limited funds for innovation and an improperly developed R&D center, the employees are most likely not to indulge in such activities at least out of their curiosity. However, a company having a solely dedicated R&D facility can be seen having a tremendous growth in the rate of innovation and research work being carried out.
The principal factor that determines the rate of innovation is a need. Human wants are unlimited and need to be fulfilled and yearn for a more comfortable way of life. This tends to create a need for better systems than those present which are cheap and better suited to the situations. And these conditions are the perfect opportunities to think of an idea and implement it.
Some people like to pursue their ideas and try to implement it even without the help from their parent companies or concerned authorities. These are the ones who are passionate about what they do and what they can for the society at large. They are the ones who have understood the real purpose of their innovation and want to overcome all concerned difficulties. Budding innovators should try to follow them since they are the unstoppable ones and have a distinct idea of what they are trying to do.
Without innovation, our world wouldn’t have been what it is today. Thus, innovation needs to be rewarded by the concerned authorities and organization to motivate the so-called innovators to pursue their passion and create a better society for us to live. The companies and industries likewise should implement innovation at every stage for better optimization of resources and reduce wastage. Though not all innovations are successful, they should still be encouraged since every small innovation is a step towards a better society.


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