Fake Give Away Message

Recently you must have noticed messages that circulate through WhatsApp and Facebook saying that Cadbury India is giving one backset of chocolate for free. Is this fake? We found that most probably it is a fake one.

WOW 😍 Cadbury India is giving FREE chocolate🍫🍫 basket gift Hamper to celebrate their 70th anniversary,Click here to Get yours: http://www.cadburyindıa.com  .

In the above URL, if you see, it is very clear that the second “i” of India is just some other character. It is a type of URL misunderstanding. Even if you share these post thousands of time, you won’t get any basket of Chocolates. The creators of this fake site will get traffic through this activity.

In the above picture, the URL is a different one, it shows cadbury-india.com. This also seems to be fake.  Mozilla Firefox has blocked access to the website as it seems to a fake website. And if you observe you can see that the Facebook comments on the website are fake and the same comments are every time you access the website.


Please don’t fall into such fake messages

The official giveaways will be updated in the facebook page of Cadbury India.



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