For you dear bus people

Dear bus drivers and bus owners,

I write this to you all with increased feeling of insecurity to travel in bus these days. Yes, I agree that it’s my mistake that I never tried to learn driving. You may ask me to go and learn it if I can’t like your driving.
Conductors, please don’t find pleasure in misbehaving with a girl, please don’t take advantage of the compressed crowd because if we react you will never be able to find pleasure in it. Remember ! Even you have sisters and women at home. Take care that you keep the first aid box with you, not for us, but it will prove useful to you one day.
I tell you friends, it’s not an issue if you don’t take us to the destination  precisely on time, but, please don’t kill us and don’t make the journey to our destination a final destination journey! You people are busy and want to be really punctual, but let me remind you to not use mobiles while you drive. Your conversations and laughter can bring happiness to you, but it’s something else for the travellers.
Dear ghadi wallahs, Speed thrills but kills.  Other buses may over take you but just remember the face of your family and those waiting for you at your home with the hope of  meeting you in the evening. Every people travelling with you, each one of them has somebody like that at their homes, with many hopes on them maybe, and you’re responsible for their lives. Remember, when you’re driving crazy, you’re killing many.

With love,

A girl who escaped from an accident today morning



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3 thoughts on “For you dear bus people

  1. Good , but why you people don’t react when a harassment happen to you
    raise your voice if you choose to be silent u always be suppressed

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