Make a movie using these best video editing apps


Best Movie Making Apps for Android and iOS

Shooting videos is easy but editing is not. However, with the new video editing apps in the town, editing has rather become easy. Even a layperson that doesn’t have any knowledge of video editing can use these apps and make incredible movies. It doesn’t really matter the type of video you have, you can convert it into something beautiful with the help of the apps that are available today. Not only can you get rid of the parts of the video you don’t want, you can also enhance the quality with the tools. You can even create short movies using the videos. Here is how you can make a movie using the best video editing apps.



If you are looking to make a movie using the video editing app then iMovie is definitely you should consider. It is indeed one of the most popular apps designed by Apple. It makes video editing extremely easy. When you will open this application you will notice that it has a very nice and simple interface. The buttons and editing space are neatly laid out. You can add almost all types of video format. But remember that you can’t get iMovie for PC or Android as it has been released only for Apple devices. It is not available on Android and Windows mobile phones.



Yes, KineMaster is another tool which you can use to make some incredible movies. This is an app that provides extraordinary user experience to you. It comes packed with a wide array of features and you can design videos the way you want them. What’s even more amazing is the fact that it is very simple to use. All you need to do is add the clips to the app and use the features that are easily accessible. There is a lot you can do with this video editing app. It does offer quick video editing features. However, if your project is big you will need to give it some additional time.



This is an app which has made its name for top performance. The app has been very thoughtfully designed and includes the basic as well as the advanced features. Besides being a comprehensive app, it is still pretty easy to use. Whether you are a hobbyist, amateur or professional you will find this app pretty handy. Not only does this app come with lots of features, it also offers many customizations. Not too many apps offer the customization and those that do are not as good as PowerDirector. Even if your camera does not offer slow motion shooting, you can use this app to create slow motion effects.



The great thing about this awesome app is that it is totally free. But, it does not mean that it compromises with features and functionalities. There are lots of features in this app that can compete with any great app. There are lots of filters, templates, and video enhancing tools that make your video all the more amazing. This is one app that can be used for making a personal movie.


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