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Theist, Atheist or Agnostic – Have we ever questioned our beliefs? Some of us dare not and some others care not to. For a pretty long time, I did not care to question why I visited temples or why the lamp was lit every evening in the house, that was when I was pretty small, and then as I started understanding the words of adults, I did not dare to, and then once again I did not care to as I approached my teenage. I don’t know what catalyzed my thoughts into religion and spirituality, but whatever it was, I am grateful about it. I’m a theist, and I often visit temples, but most of the people I have come across in temples are not exactly the type of theist that I am. What type of theist I am, is a question that needs a lot of explanation, and people say that our relationship with god should be very private and is not something that is supposed to be shared outside our very close circle.

I found it easiest to begin my probe into religion and spirituality with Hindu deities and books, being most easily available to me. The one deity that I found the most interesting was Sree Krishnan. I am not confronting the question whether he really existed or not, I am just talking about the character that is known to us through books. Krishna was not just about flirting with girls and killing Kamsa and Kalia, but the man who had his mind in his hand, and knew how to live. Whenever I have gone down, I have taken inspiration from this character.

The love story of Radha and Krishna is so famous, and most of us know that Krishna got married to 10,000 other women but never to Radha. Krishna had left Radha and Ambadi at a young age to kill his Uncle Kamsa, never to return. The natives of that place, hearing about Krishna after the Kurukshethra war, learnt that Krishna is now an emperor, and set out to visit him, and Radha, still waiting for her childhood love, was among them. Radha spent all her life in misery, but not Krishna. He lived in the present and knew that life had to go on. I initially thought that this message is important only for youngsters, but it seems it is important for all. Live in the present, we need not wait for the unnecessary and the uncertain. What is to happen, will definitely happen. We just need to learn to smile through it. Krishna was cursed that his whole dynasty will be eradicated, but he still smiled, knowing that all these were already bound to happen.

Whether all these stories really happened or not is the second thing, but the message is very important to live a happy life. Realize that everything that has happened was bound to happen, and then just laugh at it. And when somebody tries to feed you fear or grief, laugh at them too!

PS: I’m very appreciative and respectful of all religions equally. Human first and then anything else is my policy.

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