From Ordinary College Students to Innovation Experts- These students are the Definition of Change


We all are Data-analyst’s when it comes to watching the daily fuel pricing. We blame the Government, the International Crude Oil rate and even our favourite God for the marginal increase in fuel prices that occur respective to the change in days. Just like food and shelter, fuel has become one of the most needed necessity for the common man.

In India, the authority to implement the change in fuel prices rests in the hand’s of oil companies. Recently, the Government of India announced that, effective from 16th of June, the fuel pricing will be closely made to change with respect to the global crude oil rates. This was indeed a boon for the common man as the marginally allowed the fuel prices to decrease. But another problem lies in this scenario as there will no prior info regarding the change in fuel prices. This can affect one if the change is marginally higher with respect to the previous day.

As a solution to this situation, Engineering students Sidharth Vinod, Irshad PI, Felix Josemon, of Govt. Engineering College Thrissur has come up with an innovate idea in the form of an Android application, the technology that is used by billions of people around the world with the tip of their hands. This application called “Fuelive” dynamically updates and displays the Fuel price to the user according to the present price. They also provide location-based personalised fuel price info, last recorded fuel price and also provides an option to share the information with your loved ones. This is what we can call an innovative move of using technology to tackle a real-life scenario and providing help to the masses.

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