Create an online portfolio for free.

portA portfolio is the best way to express yourself. People think that it is very costly to create an online portfolio. But there are many free online portfolio service providers such as PortfolioBox. In this you can create a completely personalized online portfolio, and can make it live using your desired user name. (eg:

There are many paid portfolios which provide attractive designs. The ADOBE also provides a portfolio platform for designers and creators.  Before starting a portfolio we need to structure our ideas in an order  so that it won’t take much time to complete the creation process. After getting the URL, you can share it anywhere to show your creative portfolio publicly.


The best way to compare online purchase from different E-commercial sites

In 2002 Google introduced its shopping search engine FROOGLE which was later changed into several names and now it is known as Google Shopping.


The Google shopping is the best platform to compare the online products. Generally we used to search for a certain product in any one of the E-Commerce site such as Amazon,Flipkart etc. The charge for the same product on different E-commerce will have a large variation. It may be difficult for us to search in all commercial sites to find out the affordable purchase. In such situation we can use Google Shop to compare between the products available in different platforms.

If we wish to buy a Samsung Chromebook, we can search Google Shop and the result will be as following :

Google Shop

The option is available to compare the prices from different online stores. We can specify the amount range and product features in the search option itself. Try this and have a nice shopping experience.


Want to create a funny video in minutes ?

Try Facejjang : This app will help you to create funny videos with your face !

It is an android application. It is user friendly app in which you can upload your face and adjust the face marks to make look more interesting. Accessorize with wigs, hats, sunglasses and more can be added to the video with input messages. Different categories of Videos are available for editing.

Try giving a funny video on friend’s birthday. Facejjang supports easy sharing to social media.

Download Facejjang from Playstore