Power of choices

“I am my choices. I cannot not choose If I do not choose that is still a choice.”- Jean Paul Sartre.

We all make different choices each day. On daily basis, we have to take a number of decisions. Some of which have short-term effects and some long term effects on our life.Our life is nothing but our choices which we make both consciously and unconsciously. According to Sartre Life is set of C (Choices) between B (Birth) and D(Death).
To think is an act of choice. Reason does not work automatically.In any hour of your life, you are free to think or evade that effort. I am acting morally when I abandon all self-deception and making a moral choice with the awareness that I am free conscious being choosing and responsible for what I choose.To make good choices we all need the code of values to guide our actions. Life has no meaning except what each individual gives it.
So, how should one make a good choice?
Only that choice can be said wisely which is made after proper reflection and which is in accordance with our temperament.We can’t rely on others to make choices for us.Happiness is subjective, it can’t be same for two persons.
It must always be our inner convictions and strength of belief which should dictate our actions. External forces, temptations counsels will always be dinned into us, but those among us who can stand up to what we innately believe to be good and right will finally be happy and peace with ourselves.
For Albert Camus the beauty, people encounter in life makes it worth living.People create meaning in their own life which may not be objective but still, it makes life worth living.



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