How to run Android Apps on Chrome using ARC Welder ?

ARC Welder?

ARC Welder is an emulator that enables you to download Android applications or Apk files on devices like PC, Mac, OS, Linux or any other device you can think of.

Last year Google released ARC Welder software for all the interested users. It allows you to download unlimited apk files . Users just need to download Google Chrome and a program called ARC Welder.

Indeed, ARC Welder till now was only available for developers but now users can experience it on their device and download Android apps. It still runs on Beta, thus, we can say that it is not quite stable to download apps. As well as users can only download one app at a time with ARC Welder. This means that when you try to download an application via ARC Welder, your last downloaded app deletes automatically.


Certainly, we can see that Google is trying to release all the Android apps across platforms, for instance, Mac, Linux, OS and Windows.


Download ARC Welder via Chrome

Let’s see how can we download Android apps via ARC Welder

Step 1 – Install ARC Welder software via Google Chrome. Wait for the download to finish.

Step 2 – Launch the software on your device.

Step 3 – Search and assign a directory to keep all your files for ARC Welder

Step 4 – Click on “Add your Apk”. This will attach your Apk files to the browser.

Step 5 – Select your preferred orientation and form factor (Tablet/Phone)

Step 6 – Press on Launch apk file.

Step 7 – Enter your credentials if asked. You are done with the procedure.



General people can download ARC Welder for their regular use but for a more better experience it alternative would be awesome. Some of the best alternatives to ARC Welder are Droid4x, BlueStacks and Anyroid. These are the best competitors to ARC Welder.
No doubt, this software provide you with amazing downloading speed and some good functions to play with. Well, the best is you can download any Android application on a variety of devices.



There is no guarantee that downloaded apps would work well on your device. ARC Welder is just a starting of a minor revolution in the digital market. Till now it was made available for app developers but now Google is working extremely hard to make it the best emulator you can ever imagine. Let’s see where it end up !

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