Snapseed: PhotoEditor from Google

We all love taking lots of photos using our smartphone camera. The popularity of it has risen a lot over the past few years. It’s easy to carry around and much easier to edit and share them. A major part which defines whether or not the shot turns into a fantastic image is the editing on the picture. There are lots of editing apps on the Google Playstore and one such is Snapseed from Google.



Snapseed powers up the editing game to a higher level. Selfie fans won’t me much interested with the app as it does not do the face recognition and whitening. This app is much more of better photography image kind of app. Although you are sure to find the results amazing and can even produce the whitening type effects once you use the app for a few times. Opening up the app, you will be welcomed by the clean user interface that asks to open an image from the gallery to edit. From our usage experience, there was no ad. within the app and performed perfectly all the time.

You have all the nifty editing features within ranging from changing the brightness level, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, adding text to image, writing on the image, rotate, crop, perspective, healing, vignette and much more. You are sure to use this app more often once you start feeling convinced about the result that it produces.

Check out Snapseed on the Google Playstore


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