#Squaredroid: make squared images

Profile pictures are an essential part of our social media life. It signifies our perception and status. That could be sole reason selfie became so popular over the past years. The problem with the social media platforms is that it only allows pictures of perfect square shape to be uploaded as a profile picture. May be you don’t want to crop the picture and want it as such in the profile image. There are lots of apps that does the job well and one such simple clean app is #squaredroid.


squredroidThe app is simple and clean. Just install the app, open it up and choose the image. You can select the required border for the image to make it into a square. Options range from blurred side to solid colors or gradient colors. You have all the colors that you like to choose from and it’s sure to make things easy. It allows saving the image as png or jpg image formats.

Nothing more to say. It’s simple and gets the job done.



Check out #squaredroid on the Google Playstore.



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