WhatsApp : Admin Post Only Groups

WhatsApp has came up with new update giving more privileges to the admins. Now in WhatsApp we can create groups in which only admins can post. This is similar to the channel facility available in Telegram.

In the group setting option admins can select the who can send messages to the groups. If “Only Admins” option is selected then only admins will be able to post things and other group members can just be viewers.


How to identify whether the group is in “Admin Only” Post mode ?
The message typing space will be showing a message that only admins can post in the group.   If you click on the “admins” link then you will be able to see the list of admins. And you can directly message the admins with the option. The admins will be able to understand that you messaged from the group as the message will be having an automatic reply quoting the group name.

Any time the option can be changed from admin only to all participants post mode



Advantages of this update: This helps to regulate the group properly and solve the issue of spamming.

Update the WhatsApp to get this feature.

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